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Mark Organek comes from a background in real estate and mortgage banking. By recognizing the potential of LegalShield and ID Shield to protect buyers, sellers and REALTORS before, during and after the transaction he has worked diligently to have all clients and agents represented by an attorney. Mark is adamant that there will be a future market system whereby all buyers, sellers and their representatives have attorney's there each step of the way to provide answers based on the law. With the onslaught of identity thieves waiting for a pre-qualification credit pull so they can locate and deplete the down payment, ID Shield has become more important than ever. The earlier it is caught, the better. Even if something slips through there are over 200,000 private detectives working for ID Shield to help resolve the issue. They carry you through instead of just pointing in the direction you need to go. Their folks take care of it for you. An hour of an attorney's time could cost $300.00 to $400.00. At $19.95/month for a membership, month-to-month, your annual bill will be less than $250.00. From an annual will update to speeding tickets to a slight overcharge you want refunded, LegalShield is the smart move. Best of all, you get all of the money back to you at close of escrow based on Christina's reimbursement program.

Mark Organek

7631 E. Presidio St.

Mesa, AZ 85207

P: 602-790-0607


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